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Assistance in a girl's wedding

Acchi Soch Foundation's assistance in a girl's wedding is a significant and social contribution. Such support is commendable and praiseworthy as it helps promote social justice and societal prosperity. Participating in wedding arrangements can be a substantial support for the bride and her family, particularly when they face financial constraints. It can ease the burden of wedding expenses and contribute to the overall happiness of the occasion

Delivered a speech during the program of the 'Mahajagrukta Abhiyan

Mr. Najir Mohammad, as the Chairman of the organization, delivered a speech during the program of the 'Mahajagrukta Abhiyan,' which is dedicated to promoting education. His speech likely focused on the importance of education, the goals of the campaign, and the organization's commitment to improving access to education in the community.

Chairman with Their Team

Mr. Najir Mohammad, the Chairman of the Acchi Soch Foundation, along with his dedicated team, has been actively involved in various initiatives aimed at bringing about positive social change and community development. Under Mr. Najir Mohammad's leadership, the foundation has taken significant strides in promoting education, healthcare, and empowerment in the community. They have organized numerous awareness campaigns, workshops, and outreach programs to educate people on various important topics.

donation of 11,000 rupees to support an eye operation

The Acchi Soch Foundation, committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals facing health challenges, recently provided assistance to a patient in need of an eye operation. the financial burden associated with the medical procedure and ensuring that the patient could access the necessary treatment.health

Celebration republic's

On the occasion of Republic Day, the Acchi Soch Foundation team worked in other schools, including Mukalpur Badoni, to demonstrate the value of education by rewarding the students. He explained to us that the goal of our team is not possible without increasing all of the studies; the success of education on the occasion of Republic Day is not possible. On Republic Day, 355 kids received admission to priority schools.

Education Empowerment

The Acchi Soch Foundation organized a meeting with a strong commitment to discussing ways to educate, empower, and strengthen society. During this meeting, a profound and serious discussion took place on the importance of making society educated, healthy, and robust. The foundation aims to not only uplift the underprivileged and needy but also foster a sense of social responsibility.

Promoting education in the community

Acchi Soch Foundation's meeting with esteemed individuals from the community and the subsequent assessment of their educational initiatives highlight their commitment to promoting education and their dedication to ensuring that their efforts have a meaningful impact. It showcases their proactive approach to community engagement and their pursuit of excellence in their educational endeavors.

Blood Donation By Chairman

Mr. Najir Mohammad, the Chairman of the Acchi Soch Foundation, led by example by donating blood. His act of blood donation not only showcases his commitment to humanitarian causes but also serves as an important gesture to inspire others to contribute to the well-being of society. Blood donation is a selfless and life-saving act. When individuals like Mr. Najir Mohammad donate blood, they play a vital role in ensuring that hospitals and medical facilities have an adequate supply of blood for patients in need.

Chairman of the organization, collaborated with the Health Department team

Mr. Najir Mohammad, in his capacity as the Chairman of the organization, played a key role in fostering collaboration with the Health Department. This collaboration involved engaging with the Health Department's team, which typically comprises healthcare professionals, officials, and experts. The primary objective of this collaboration was to explore and discuss various healthcare initiatives and strategies that could benefit the community.

Celebration republic's

The event was organized by Acchi Soch Foundation, Where Mr. Nazeer Mohd. The President of Acchi Soch Foundation awaring the people about the education systems, what are our educational rights. Also,  the importance of education in our day to day life.

Aactively participated in the program as a guest

Mr. Najir Mohammad, in his capacity as the Chairman of Acchi Soch Foundation, was invited to be a distinguished guest His presence at the program likely carried significance due to his leadership role within the foundation and his contributions to various humanitarian initiatives

Steps for Education

"In the campaign titled 'Mahajagrukta Abhiyan' aimed at promoting education, Mr. Najir Mohammad Mohammed addresses the gathered students, parents, and esteemed individuals from rural and local areas. This campaign seeks to raise awareness about education and its importance.

Books Distributed

President of Acchi Soch Foundation, Nazir Mohammad announced that from January 18 to February 28, the foundation will run a program to encourage and reward students in primary schools and madrasas in the areas of Gonda. Here, they try to address the issues of not getting proper education and health facilities.

Acchi Soch Foundation member, Vazir Mohammad, donated blood

Vazir Mohammad, as a member of the Acchi Soch Foundation, participated in a noble act of donating blood. Blood donation is a selfless and life-saving gesture that significantly contributes to the well-being of individuals in need of blood transfusions.

Books Distributed

Nazir Mohammad, President of Acchi Soch Foundation, held a press conference. Gave information about the program. Mr. Mohammad told that the aim of Acchi Soch Foundation is to work on education and health, in which the first goal of the organization is to make people aware of education and tell them the importance of education.

India Child Against Abuse

Under the auspices of the Alaina Organization, the Acchi Soch Foundation's Babhanjot Gonda organized an awareness programmer called "India Against Child Abuse" in which the present boys and girls were informed about child abuse, sexual abuse, and mental abuse; the 1098 Child Helpline and the 1090 Women Helpline were told; and in this sequence, different types of information about "Good To Think" were given. This programmer was appreciated by the present children and teachers.

Medical Camp

Achhi Soch Foundation set up a free medical clinic in Mokalpur. Babhanjot Gonda Good Soch Foundation of Lavkush Kumar Aawadh City Bureau On Sunday, a camp for medical examinations was set up. This event was planned with commitment to social good. Chikitsco assessed 1312 individuals at this check-up camp and gave them free medications. Let us let you know that the Good Soch Foundation's President, Nazir Mohammad's mother, cut the ribbon to officially open the free medical check-up camp.

Contribution of 7,786 rupees towards kidney disease treatment

Acchi Soch Foundation's contribution of 7,786 rupees towards kidney disease treatment demonstrates their compassion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of those affected by health challenges. the financial burdens associated with medical conditions like kidney disease.The foundation, under the guidance of Mr. Najir Mohammad, understands the significance of supporting individuals during their health crises.

Support was provided for the wedding of a poor girl.

Support was graciously extended for the wedding of a disadvantaged young woman by the Achhi Soch Foundation. This noble act of compassion reflects the Foundation's commitment to uplift those in need within the community. By facilitating the marriage of a financially challenged girl, the Foundation not only fosters social cohesion but also embodies the spirit of empathy and solidarity. Such initiatives not only alleviate immediate financial burdens but also symbolize a broader effort towards social justice and equality. The Achhi Soch Foundation's contribution towards this wedding exemplifies the transformative power of collective goodwill in fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

support the husband and wife were severely injured In Accident

The Achhi Soch Foundation extended vital support to a husband and wife who sustained severe injuries in an accident. This compassionate act underscores the Foundation's commitment to aiding those facing adversity. By stepping in to assist the injured couple, the Foundation exemplifies the values of empathy and solidarity within the community. The provision of assistance not only addresses immediate medical needs but also offers a glimmer of hope during a challenging time. Through its swift and meaningful intervention, the Achhi Soch Foundation demonstrates the profound impact of collective efforts in providing solace and support to those in distress.